The Russo family's winemaking tradition began two centuries ago and has been handed down from father to son until today. It all began in 1860 when the Russo family devoted itself exclusively to the cultivation of their vineyards, located in the area of Solicchiata, Municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia. In 1955, Don Ciccio along with his son Vincenzo, the current owner decided to bottle the wine produced from the family vineyards, creating a small winery. The first wine was bottled in 1956 and was called Solicchiata, named after the town where Don Ciccio and Vincenzo were born. The Etna D.O.C. certification was recognized in 1968, the same year in which the brand name was changed to Rusvini. Today the family business is recognized as Cantine Russo. Today, with their father, Gina and Francesco with their experience creating a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Russo Vincenzo


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