Cantine Russo

The Winery
The winemaking tradition of the Russo family has been handed down from father to son until today.
Towards the end of the 1800s the great-great-grandfather Vincenzo Russo dedicated himself, together with the family, to the cultivation of his own vineyards located in the Solicchiata area, in the Municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia at about 700 m/asl on the north east side of Etna.
In 1955, Francesco and Vincenzo, respectively the son and grandson of the great-great-grandfather Vincenzo, decided to bottle the wine produced by the family vineyards by creating a small cellar. The first wine was called Solicchiata and it was 1956; D.O.C. certification Etna was recognized in 1968, the same year in which the brand changed its name to Rusvini until it reached today's brand which is Cantine Russo.
Today the fourth generation is represented by Gina and Francesco Russo who together with their father Vincenzo manage the historic family business.
Hand harvested and respecting biodiversity

Etna, a volcano of excellence.
There is an invisible umbilical cord that unites us to Etna and the territory. We strongly believed in the potential of the wine produced from the native vines, for the type of grapes and the uniqueness of the terroir. The passion and dedication to the land every day guide our choices on a journey made of great emotions, to reach destinations of excellence. Sips of life that make our days unique, with joy in the heart to see those fruits that we have always intensely loved growing grow.

Russo Winery S.r.l.s
Via Corvo s.n. (SP64)
C.da Crasà, Solicchiata
95012 Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)
tel. +39 0942 986271
P.Iva: 05408890878

GPS: 37.876668, 15.087559
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